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There is no such thing as a 'silly' question. We ask questions all of the time - of our suppliers, customers, associates and any other source that will improve our knowledge. This all helps us to provide the most appropriate advice to our customers. Here are some of the more common questions and answers. Of course, if you require more specific information please CONTACT US

For cruising, do you recommend any particular fabric or cut?

We do not subscribe to "high-tech" but entirely to "appropriate" technology and will help you to choose the design and materials best suited to your type of cruising and your budget.
I sail a class racer with predefined sail sizes. How can you help?
Although the dimensions are fixed, there are still many ways to maximise the sail efficiency through the choice of materials, the cut and finish. We will design the optimum sails to suit your objectives and budget
How can I be sure you understand the special needs of multihulls?
Please look at the examples in the multihull gallery on this website. A large proportion of our sails are for cruising or racing catamarans and tris. The results largely speak for themselves.
Why the emphasis on computer aids in sailmaking?
Although there is no substitute for experience when it comes to the design and material selection, modern CAD technology ensures the accurate cut of every panel for the best fit that results in clean lines and maximum efficiency.
Do I need fully battened sails?
Although more expensive, due to the extra materials, cars and labour, full battens will almost always provide better sail shape than short battens. Tell us your needs and budget and we will produce the most relevant solution.
You are based in QLD. What if I am elsewhere in Australasia?
We make a considerable number of sails for boat-builders and boat-owners right throughout Australia and some Pacific Islands. Because we have an extensive database of boat specifications and due to the Internet, email and efficient carriers, it is no more difficult than a local project
Do you sell second hand sails?
We will always try to help our customers sell or buy sails by putting them in touch with each other, but we do not "trade-in" because it is not our focus and due to space restrictions.
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