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SAILTECH works on the principle of appropriate technology. The sail requirements for an extreme racing multihull are obviously totally different to an offshore cruising yacht, a class-dinghy or a harbour day-sailer and each demands specific attention to the balance, trim, weight, handling and other critical factors.

This page cannot decribe every variable but is a general attempt to indicate some of the materials used and their purpose, in order to illustrate the need for discussion with us, so we can devise the very best solution to suit your particular needs and budget

The ultimate lightweight performance racing fabric is currently Dimension D4 continuous fibre membrane, available in a wide range of fibres and film colours
The optimum balance of performance, durability and fibre-stability can be achieved with Dimension GPL carbon fibre laminate.
For mid-range performance, there are many laminated fabrics offering a balance of weight, durability and moderate price. The actual choice of fabric and construction selected may be varied to suit each individual boat owner requirements.
For cruising multihulls and club-racers. the new laminated, multi-directional fibre cloths deliver durable, cost-effective and practical performance solutions
The extended life and lower cost required for ocean crusing and other non-racing applications is achievable with modern high-quality tight weave Dacron in a wide range of fabric weights.
Classic yachts often look their best with classic cream or tanbark Dacrons
Code Zero fabrics developed from experience in major international yachting events offer higher performance with improved shape-holding ability for high-load, down-wind applications
Spinnaker fabric will generally be made from a suitable weight of nylon or polyester in a tri-radial design to deliver low-stretch performance.
Heavy storm-weight special-purpose fabrics (like Storm Orange) offers ultimate strength in extreme sailing situations
Dacron Cruising laminate Classic cream  
GPL Carbon fibre
Nylon Spinakker material
Storm Orange


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